Sunday, August 19, 2012

my magical baby

I believe in many things- one of those is that each baby comes with their own special gifts and as we grow, the goal is for our gifts to grow with us.

My favorite youngest baby is magical.

Everywhere we go he makes people smile. Strangers flock to him every time we leave the house and they are greeted with the biggest, two-toothed grin. He can make a grumpy person happy and a sad person smile. I know he was blessed with the gift to make people happy and peaceful. I love that about him because he has the same happy, calming effect on me. When life gets stressful (and let's face it, when isn't it) all I have to do is scoop up my baby and give him a big hug- I can feel a wave of joy wash over me and I feel better instantly.

When he was first born I talked about how he healed our family and brought us so much joy. Over the last 7.5 months I have really watched him closely and the change he can have over those around him. I know you all love him so much from the comments we get here, on IG, and on facebook. Thank you for that :)

I am excited to watch him grow up and use this gift throughout his life. I can see him being such a positive influence on those around him and blessing so many people's lives.

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