Monday, August 6, 2012

hair cut, running, the fair, and some jets.

I have so much to say.. I don't really WRITE on here like I used too. Mainly because the thoughts I have are not ones I am in the mood to share- a rare moment I know. I have spent the last few months in a PPD fog and I feel like I may be getting past the hardest part and moving forward again. Hallelujah.

These pictures have nothing to do with the words but lets break up my whinny banter with some cuteness, shall we?  

Anyway. Running has saved me. When I was pregnant with Weston I bought a pair of running shoes and vowed that when he was out of the belly I would become one of those crazy runners- the kind that get all emotional over it and is totally addicted. Well that day has finally arrived. I have been running for over a month and I feel great.

I confessed to hubs that when I run alone (usually go with a friend, hey Kim!) I will cry at some point. Each time for something different- being overwhelmed with parenting, marriage strife, exhaustion, emotional stress.. blah blah the list goes on. It is the biggest sense of release when my feet hit the pavement and I cant get enough of it. Thank goodness I run in a loop because sometimes I take off and dont want to ever stop.

If we arent instagram friends, we should be. You missed out on my big hair cut last week! I have been debating over cutting off my dead post baby length for a few months and finally made an appointment. The next day I was sitting in the chair and could literally feel the first cut- I cried inside. I loved it the first day and am not a big fan of it now BUT it is really healthy again and it was long overdue. I have it in an A-line bob.

Over the weekend I was in Seattle again- it was Sea Fair weekend and we all hiked out to the I-90 bridge to watch the blue angels fly. It was freaking HOT. My kids were miserable, we were so sweaty, and 2 of the tires on my stroller actually popped from the heat. BUT we did have fun, I wish I could ride in one of those jets.

Hubs weekends are usually sunday/monday so today we hit up the county fair for some overpriced fatty food and people watching entertainment. It delivered :) See that huge slide up there? my BABY boy went down it! I think he was a little freaked out in the beginning but was so very proud of himself at the bottom. You rock little man. 

cheesiest fake smile ever. he hates having his picture taken these days. 

It was really hot again today and he was super cranky most of the day, the carousel was the first ride and he hadnt really come around to the idea when we took off on our lion but he was laughing by the end, I promise.

Proof West was at the fair with us, he slept most of the time in the stroller only to wake up and flirt with the passerby's

Oh wait, I said I wasnt going to talk about the pictures and get all mushy whinny on you. Ugh, my friends, life is hard. It gets better then it gets harder again. I can elaborate but I'm trying to stay positive. But if you see me in person just give me a big smile, I'd appreciate it.

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