Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hello instagram

We are avid android users in this house, hubs works for Verizon so we have a lot of phones going in and out of these doors. I have bugged him constantly about when they are getting an android version of instagram. (I hear its soon!) I have been dying to use it since it came out and I am always getting jealous over my friends photos who have it. I at one point I even thought of switching to an iphone so I could have it too. But that would mean getting rid of my widgets and swype texting I wasnt about to do that one.

THEN hubs got his current work phone and the heavens opened and angels sang. It was an iphone. Naturally I stole it right out of his hands and had my own instagram account up and running within seconds. So now I am a huge phone brat and am using my regular android for everything and the iphone when I can sneak it away for my photos and playing on IG.

I have taken over 100 pictures this weekend. Its officially an obsession. You have been warned. I am still playing around with all the cool filters-- whats your favorite ones?

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