Tuesday, March 27, 2012

meeting sophie

So I broke my camera in Utah-- here on out known as one of the worst days ever. Its all fine and fixed now but it was at the shop for over a week before I could go pick it up. I feel like when I dont have my camera in hand I miss moments, I forget emotions and feelings I had during the day. Its like I need a physical reminder I guess. So without pictures there has been no blogging.

Life went on though, Ryan is talking up a storm and saying the craziest things ever. I have no clue where he came up with half of it. Yesterday he stripped to his diaper and did "the diaper dance" which involved wiggling around in a circle while you pull your straps of your diaper off and on to the beat. He kills me every time.

Weston is growing up so fast. He will be THREE months old tomorrow. He is super chunky and is pulling himself to a sitting position and does a nice little ab work out every time we lay him down because he thinks he needs to be sitting up. He has rolled over from tummy to back a few times and *DUN dun dun...he is starting to get teefers you guys! Ryan's first two broke through at 3 months too. I have weird monster babies let me tell ya. West is drooling up a storm, extra spitty, slight fever, runny nose, dry skin... ALL the tall tale signs of teething in this house.

SO without further introduction...

ITS SOPHIE TIME BABY. He is in love.

PS did you miss the memo?! we are on instagram.. come be my friend @ lauren_meandmine

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