Thursday, March 22, 2012

its wednesday

What an intriguing title huh. Not much of importance but just in the mood to blog about everything, including things that really dont matter at all!

Got the hair done today. Its pretty much strawberry blonde so I guess thats what happens when you mix Kirsten and Emma and your hair dresser is irritated you decided to change your hair color without forewarning her (like its my job to do so?) I was hoping for something a little different but I actually really like it the more I look at it. 

Trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding this weekend is hard stuff. Weddings mean pretty dresses and seeing as I need instant boob access for the littlest dude its a skirt for me. Add on nothing FITS me right now (thank you chocolate macadamia clusters from costco)

Why is it I get the barfy kids?! Ryan has now thrown up in my car TWICE. Today it was a combination of an oatmeal cookie, traffic, and windy back roads in the rain. I pulled over to make sure he was okay but really didnt have any clean up options as it was pouring rain so he had to wait til he got home. SO GROSS it was everywhere. Shoot me in the foot please. 

Weston is probably getting teeth- yes already. My babies are crazy early teething monsters (cute ones okay!) Ryan was 3 months when the bottom 2 poked through. Now West is drooling, spitting up a ton, dry rashy cheeks, and CONSTANTLY sucking/chewing on his hands. I think infants look weird with teeth! Sorry but its true. 

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