Monday, February 6, 2012

Weston's western themed nursery reveal.

Being in a rental I am not really in the mood to paint so we are making due with our cream walls for now- better than stark white for sure though! I am not a wasteful person by any means (except for left overs from dinner the night before. eww) so when we found out we had another little man on the way I got excited to re use all of Ryans stuff and add a little more.

The bedding which I am in LOVE with was gifted from friends who no longer needed it, my rocking chair that has already had many miles on it was a $20 steal off craigslist. I made the pillow and with a little wood glue and some tlc it was good to go. Worked amazing for Ryan and will for Weston as well. Curtains, rod, and lamp (from our apartment family room before) from Ikea. Mantel over window I found in my in laws garage, paint and vinyl lettering did the trick. A cross stitch sampler in the same colors from my Aunt was given to me when I first went to kindergarten. Horse shoes one the wall were from a vintage street fair and the frames were $1 each from a garage sale I believe. Other items from the local craft store, second hand/vintage finds, and what not. The large W is made of a cardboard ish material and is from Joanns for $10. I was going to do something fun with it but I kind of like the way it is now.

I still need to swap out the pictures for ones of Weston, he loves his brother but not that much ;) Once he starts sleeping in there I will also hang the "W" on the wall.

Maybe my favorite item is the green army foot locker under the window- it belonged to hubs grandfather, whom Weston Teuscher is named after. It contains all the baby toys right now.

While Weston doesnt sleep in here at night yet he hangs out in his crib and sometimes naps for a bit in there while we are playing upstairs.

I love this room!

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