Sunday, February 5, 2012

steppin out

Linking up with Mandy for today's steppin out post. I havent done one of these forever but as I was standing in my closet today wondering what in the heck to wear to church (my favorite day to dress for!) I decided to be brave and put on a white linen dress that is totally made for summer bbq's and add some winter flair. How did I do?

dress. gap
cardi. nordstrom bp
scarf. old navy
bracelets. forever 21 and vintage from my grandma
boots. nordstrom

I think it work. Yes? No? Since it was a church day I figured I would tell you that Ryan is LOVING nursery class again, it was hard when we moved because we went to a new congregation which meant new class and new friends. Took a few months but today he ran to the door and did a pretty epic happy dance. Also- nursing in this dress... awkward. Had to pretty much open the whole thing up in the front for chow time. 

Getting a toddler break this week- Ry is going to mimi and papi's house for a few days. Time to finish up some projects in the family room while hes gone. Hitting up Home Goods to add some character to this great room space down stairs. 
I'll miss him! 

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