Sunday, February 19, 2012

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Hey friends, lots on my mind lately- nothing big just a few things I dont want to forget. Expect a lot of bullet points because well frankly thats the best way to knock this one out.

Conversation with ryan:
I was getting ready to go out of town for the weekend and my mom was dropping my off at the rental car place. Ryan was grabbing the car seat handle screaming DONT TAKE MY BABY! He was so mad that Weston T. had to come with me.
me: you cant have weston stay with you, I have to nurse him
ryan: NO I nurse baby weston
me: ryan you dont have nursies sorry dude
ryan: yes me have nursies (as he is lifting up his shirt to show me his nipples)
me: but you dont have anything in them
ryan: (grabbing his chest) YES me have daddy milk in me nursies. me nurse baby Weston!

OH MY GOSH I couldnt make this up if I tried.

hmmmm what else... hubs asked me if I was ready to move West into his own room and I actually started crying! I guess that means no. I am not that mom, I am way too attached to my babies that would just hurt too bad to have him so far away. In a few months sure..

Everyone is pregnant right now! Well I have so many mommy friends so everyone is always pregnant but I swear I find out about new ones every day. There is this really crazy thing inside of me that is jealous of them. Yes I just had a baby 7.5 weeks ago and this is completely insane. I really did not enjoy being pregnant at all so I dont know whats going on. We will have more babies for sure but not any time soon. I think its just the excitement of it all that I love. I love having babies. I would relive the end of my labor and Westons birth a hundred times over. There is no high like that anywhere else on earth. I miss that feeling. Congrats to everyone with babies on the way :)

I got all excited to do some redecorating and its kind of on hold. As in REALLY on hold til I figure out exactly what I want to do. I decided that I want to make some pillows because I cant find any that I like and I want to find a good place to do this upholstered wall but not sure where. I feel like a hummingbird with bright shinny objects. I want to do it all and I cant just stay on one idea, I keep changing my mind. I have the hardest time figuring out what looks good with what and how to incorporate everything I like into my space without it looking like pinterest threw up all over my house. Anyone want to help you are more than welcome.

Wow this is totally all over the place huh.. I warned you! Weston looks like my side of the family 100% and Ryan is hubs side all the way. I wonder if they will always look so different or will change as they grow.
weston and aunt hannah 

I lost all my baby weight (go me! dont hate) and then I started gaining weight back. I dont get it this sucks. I have been so bad about what I am eating and havent wanted to start working out and was hoping breastfeeding would do its job like last time. I dont need to be itty bitty but I am still young enough that I havent had to worry about my figure- but I really would like to fit into all the clothes I have. Thats all I ask! We just got gym memberships to anytime fitness. I can see it from my front door so its close enough I have no reason not to hit that up every few days. Ughhhhh

And to wrap up the most random post ever... another conversation with the toddler.

mimi: ryan I have no idea how to work this thing (speaking of my apple tv)
ryan: me have yes idea mimi. (then goes on to show her how to find a show)

well duh, there you have it. Today was Westons blessing day, a very special thing that we do with all our babies in our church. I will have more on that tomorrow with lots of pictures because he had the cutest little white outfit for it.

Wait didnt I say bullet points? Not a single one.. oops!

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