Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a blessing day

Weston, showing off his zoolander-esque face. My mom has picked out both my sons blessing outfits and she has knocked it out of the park both times. I am totally in love with West's and cant wait to have it framed and on the wall next to his big brothers. 

In our church babies are given a formal name and a blessing at some point in the first few weeks of life. They are most of the time done by the babies father or other close male relative. You have the option for your baby to be blessed during church or in your home. We had Ryan blessed at church and decided to mix it up a bit and do it at home. I loved it at home so much, it was more intimate and personal for me. Weston is lucky to have such an amazing and worthy Dad to perform his blessing. It was a lovely prayer, asking our Father in Heaven to provide him with a good life, help him make wise decisions, be a good brother and friend as he grows, and have a wonderful family of his own someday. It made this mama tear up quite a bit. 

 Mimi got him dressed, I melted right away. If I wasnt so scared of him ruining the outfit I would have him wear it every day, so snugly.
 My parents and one of my sisters.
 Hubs parents.
 Hubs grandparents, including Weston Teuscher's namesake- Grandpa Wally.
 My parents with their favorite oldest grandkid ;)

It was a lovely day, completely perfect in every way. We had a lot of our extended family come over as well and enjoyed some good food and good conversation after. My sons are incredibly lucky to be born into such a superb family.

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