Wednesday, February 15, 2012

polar opposites- parenting two totally different kids

Here is how our morning went.. I slept on the couch while Weston T dozed in the swing and Ryan watched a few episodes of Fresh Beat Band. He trashed the house and emptied half a pack of pampers wipes (I could care less they smell funny anyway) I couldnt sleep for the life of me last night. I went to bed at 4 and was up at 6:45. I was dead beat. Then I realized its wednesday! Time for West's weekly photo shoot so why not get everyone in the game. I am kind of obsessed with this new remote for my camera can you tell? 
 I was too tired to notice at the time but I totally left the hallway closet door open. Tacky!
 SO anyway... these past 7 weeks have done so much for my mommy ego. I am doing a pretty darn good job after all. For so long, when we were struggling with Ryan in every aspect of the poor baby's life, I thought it was me. I was messing him up somehow- I was failing as a mother. Why was he so unhappy all the time? Why in the hells bells would he never sleep? I did everything I could yet I still thought that it had to be something I was doing wrong. Weston has proved to me that Ryan's struggles were his own, they had nothing to do with my lack of parenting magic. With my two kids I have done everything the same. They sleep in my bed if they want, nurse when they want and for as long as they want, we hold them whenever they cry, swaddled, music, bed time routine, all that jazz.

For Ryan it never worked. He still screamed all the time, he was still so unhappy.

For Weston is works. He sleeps great, he is content chillin on his own. He is happy.

 This is totally a more accurate depiction of our photoshoot. I had to idea we were making the same face til I pulled these up on the computer. He is SO my kid.

So doing all the same stuff how are we getting two totally different results? I can only come to one conclusion nature vs nurture plays a big roll in our kids. Am I saying throw all the good parenting out the window because it doesnt matter? Heck no! But to the moms who have wonderful kids congrats to you. To the moms who struggle like I have in the past I hope that you are not ever judged as I felt I was. It isnt you. You are doing the best you can, give yourself a pat on the back. Every baby is different, this too shall pass. It will get easier I promise.

I have to say that 2.5 is the best age for Ryan so far. He is flourishing. He is speaking full sentences, he feels included, he can do things on his own. He can make compromised and be reasoned with to a degree. He is really happy! I am loving it, we have earned this happy time for sure.
Happy 7 weeks Weston T. You are loved!

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