Thursday, March 1, 2012

West is 2 months old!

I will say it again every month- I cant believe he is so big! I want him to stay little still but he has other plans. 

at 2 months old:

weighs roughly 11 lbs havent gotten in to his 2 month check yet

has the bluest eyes I've ever seen

loves sitting up against the couch

hates laying down

still sleeping on his tummy

goes to bed around 10 and is ready to get up at 10 am usually nurses once or twice during that time

loves breastfeeding

and his brother the mostest

laughs and coo's all the time

doesnt look like a snapping turtle anymore when he smiles. bitter sweet.

is the best at road trips

has been to seattle and spokane already. going to utah next weekend

always has a snotty nose and hates getting it sucked out

loves looking at me

toots constantly

is happy most of the time

has the best double chin.

happy 2 months old baby boy we love you! 

I have searched high and low but cant find the car fabric from his one month so I am just going to use the cream couch from now on. 

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