Friday, January 27, 2012

ryan-isms vol. 3

Ryan is really into.... hygiene I guess you could say. He loves to take showers, put on deodorant, blow dry his hair. We spend far too much time together in the bathroom. Yesterday I was getting ready to go to my massage (thank you health insurance for believing it counts as preventative care!) and realized my legs needed to be shaved oh so very badly.. oh sorry Erin I did take my leggings off, thats just my hairy-ness, style. The next thing I knew the dude was standing in the tub with me, one leg propped up on the side with his blade-less razor "haavin me egs" (shaving his legs)........ okay no biggie right? Awkward moment a few hours later when he had to reenact the moment for Grandma and she is thinking we are all just crazy I am sure.

While on the topic of body hair- hubs always has scruff or a goatee. One evening before bed they were cuddling and talking like good boys do and he asked Ryan if it was silly he had hair on his face. Ryan laughed and then told daddy that he didnt have hair on his face like daddy does... he had a bald face..... then I rolled on the floor laughing.

So the next time we are hanging out and you smell mans deodorant on me just know it wasnt intentional. It was from trying to pry hub's tube out of ryans hands before he put it all over his stomach and in his hair. He is super thorough with that stuff.

Oh side note. A whole MONTH ago from tonight I was packing up my hospital bag, breathing through contractions, and getting ready to welcome Weston into our family. Time is flying way too fast. I will do his 1 month update tomorrow but still cant decide on what set up I want for his monthly pictures?! Shoot me some ideas or I am stealing someone else's and being a copy cat....

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