Thursday, January 26, 2012

mommy in training?

This kid is amazing. He is such a loving, sweet, nurturing boy. He is the best big brother and will be the best father someday (far far away from now) he loves to play with his baby dolls, he loves to cook and clean, and help me around the house. He is awesome with Weston. For the most part he lets me nurse and change diapers without much fuss.

Pumping totally weirds him out though.. can you blame him?!

Most of the time I try to keep West otherwise occupied when I am putting Ry to bed so we can just have special time but today I baby needed to eat and Ry needed to nap all at the same time. So I just nursed him in Ryans bed while we read books. Then Ryan decided he shouldnt lay down anymore, so he sat up and told me he needed to nurse (nurse someone, not BE nursed dont freak out!) After trying to tell him he doesnt have nursies (boobs) he lifted up his shirt to show me his nipples and state in fact he DID have nursies and there was TWO of them. SEE MOM! As I was about to die laughing he grabbed his beloved taggy blanket and started "nursing" the tag part.... ummmmmmm who IS this kid and WHERE did he come from? Then he informed me that it was time for his taggy and weston to both switch sides..... WHAT?

I dont know what to do with this kid-- it was pretty epic and hilarious. So I guess later on he will have to fight it out with his wife to see who gets to breastfeed their babies.. since he's experienced and all now.

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