Saturday, December 10, 2011

this and that. happy weekend

Gah I am in loves with him. I found these from back in september when we still had the a/c on and he could run around pretty much nude.. or totally nude whatever rocked his boat at the time. Its literally freezing temperatures here now and I cant get him to wear a coat or a hat for the life of me! Crazy kid. I totally understand now why you always see seemingly dumb teenage boys in shorts while its snowing. My boy runs HOT all the time.

I think its the combination of reading this hilarious birth story, watching far too many youtube videos and 1 Born Every Minute on lifetime but every time I fall asleep I dream of giving birth. Its almost making me more tired when I wake up. Every time I am drug free in the water.. all natural granola style and totally opposite of my awesome "birth plan" I dont know what gives but its pretty crazy. I havent really planned to go that natural route, or really any route but pretty sure there wont be a birthing pool in my room THIS time.... ;)

Getting ready to start week 38.............................

Happy weekend friends! Oh and have you all downloaded PATH to your phones yet? Its pretty sweet. It makes us proud android carrying gals feel cool even thought we still cant get instagram though I read a news release thats its coming soon! Anyway go find us, Ryan and I upload pics and thoughts all day. It will be worth your while.

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