Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday happenings

I can hardly believe that this year is little mans third christmas, by far the most fun yet too. He is still pretty unsure of Santa and prefers that all decor including the bearded man in red stay far away from our house but thats fine by me. I am welcoming a more Christ centered holiday this season as we are feeling extremely grateful for all that we have and the little bundle of joy that will be arriving any time now.
I cheated this year and had all of our christmas decor, tree included, up a few days before thanksgiving. We have been so busy and with the baby the last thing I wanted was to go early and not be ready leaving  my house un-festive. Having a 2.5yr old is fun during the holidays! He is obsessed with it all.. the lights, the music, the nativity (okay just baby Jesus). Its bringing a renewed sense of fun and youthfulness to our holiday. It has been so long since I have had santa believing (or fearing I guess in this case) people in my house. I am so excited for him to open his presents Christmas morning and see his face light up and what we and santa brought him. 

One of the favorite activities so far this season has been decorating ginger bread houses! We did one on thanksgiving with Mimi and Papi and then we found this awesome, pre assembled one at costco the other day so we did another last night! This kid is really good at this stuff let me tell ya. 

 Pretty sure the boys are making the exact same "concentration" face. Oh how the apple falls from the tree and rolls right back into the roots. Please excuse my fresh, no make up face. Its a common thing around here now. I tell myself I am just trying to give my skin a healthy break..

Cant believe Christmas is almost here!

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