Tuesday, December 13, 2011

thank you pinterest vol 1

Have you heard of pinterest? If not it is my strong belief that you must click on that link and go sign up. I will even send you an invite if you need one just leave your email addy in the comments below. I first heard of it a year ago (possibly) and have been a proud user for quite some time now. Its been added to my usual list of internet activities-- among that list are facebook, google reader, and of course blogger.

The big joke is we all sit around and pin things and then we dont put them to use. Never fear, I have! I have made quite a few meals, organized a few areas of my house, and come up with some great activities to do with the kiddo. Hubs has learned well, any time I come up with a "great new idea" his first response is- did this come from pinterest? He even jumped on the band wagon and got an account. He doesnt use it but it does allow him to see my christmas list for this year- hint hint babe.

Its also been great for my photography biz! I may have stolen a few poses and watched tons of great tutorials. Of course its there for a good laugh too.

So yesterday we were bored and cranky. I pulled up my kids stuff page and found THIS little gem I had saved months ago. I have to say it worked out really well and we will most certainly be doing it again. The proof is in the pictures.


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