Sunday, December 18, 2011

bad at being pregnant

I legitimately feel bad for everyone I am friends with on facebook. I am just not a happy pregnant person I guess and I complain about it daily. I have turned into a complete whiner and I am so crabby! I just lay around in my sweat pants purgatory and eat pop tarts til my heart burn is so bad I want to rip out my own throat. I hate being pregnant but I LOVE having babies. So this will have to do, I have to get through the next 9 days (give or take a few) and then I will be in heaven with my little, pink, squishy, suckling newborn. ahhhh, bliss.

I am living it up with Ryan, we are doing whatever he wants. We cuddle lots, take naps with our faces squished together, share bowls of Nilla's.. He is loving it, so a part of me loves it too.

I have been reading so many birth stories, somehow all natural and super anti dr/hospital/medical intervention and it got me thinking. All of these women are walking around their homes, pushing in all sorts of positions, leading the delivery instead of being told what to do, and the kicker... EATING! Ahh I am a foodie, dont deprive me of a good meal for too long or you will get your head bit off. When I am in the hospital my OB said I was only aloud clear liquids and then after the epidural I could have ice chips. What the heck am I supposed to do if I am in labor in the hospital for 24 hours or something awfully long like that. I am already prepared to make a pit stop on the way and eat a huge meal to tide me over as long as it can. But I will also eat anyway.... its not like they will kick me out or take the food from my mouth, right?

Advice? What did you do when you were starving in labor?!?

Here's to one long week ahead.... oh and a Merry Christmas too ;)

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