Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was a bit stressful for all of us. We werent sure when baby boy was going to arrive, if we would even be home to enjoy our morning, and what not. I was hoping for an early delivery so I could be home with my 3 boys but once Thursday of last week rolled around I begged little man to stay in through the holiday weekend. Of course he did and now we are more than ready for him to vacate the premises.

We are lucky to live by both our families, hubs are right down the road and mine are 2.5 hours away. We knew we would spend the weekend at home with me trying not to move much and go into labor but that we would see my in laws and open presents with them. That was all fine and dandy til I was up late talking to my mom on facebook Friday night. They were so bummed about Christmas this year and not getting to spend it with their ray of sunshine-- Ryan. My family has been through a lot the last year and it has been really rough on everyone, they were hoping to have a fun Christmas with the little dude to take their minds of things. They were not able to travel to our house so hubs and I came up with a crazy idea.

 Depending on how I felt the night before with the baby and all we would pack up our presents (Ryan doesnt like santa and didnt know what he was missing anyway) and drive up to my parents house for the day and surprise them! We left the house by 6am Sunday morning and arrived just as they were getting up. My parents rarely receive happy surprises and I can never pull one over on them but this worked out perfect. There were LOTS of tears from everyone, I had a gut feeling that we needed to come but seeing the looks on their faces and watching them react to us standing on the front porch just confirmed HOW badly they needed us and their little Ryan there with them.

 On the way home hubs asked me how I liked the day, if I enjoyed my presents and what not. The day was perfect, it wasnt about presents or santa, it was about family, faith, and love. It was how Christmas is supposed to be.

toddler melt down because the helicopter had to charge longer 

I am grateful we got to spend the day with my parents. It made it even sweeter that my baby sister was in town from Utah and my grandparents were there from Idaho. This is the last Christmas my grandma will be aware of, Alzheimers is taking her away from us and I dont know how much longer we have with her.

I wasnt worried about having the baby that day, I had a pretty calm feeling about the whole thing. If it came down to it we could always get in the car and come home at the first sign of contractions or deliver at the near by hospital. Though I do admit being 40 weeks pregnant and traveling was risky! Thank you hubs for believing in me and putting up with my crazy ideas. This might have been my favorite Christmas yet.

Hope everyone also had a wonderful and memorable holiday. Keep your eye out for baby news coming this week. Due date is TOMORROW!

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