Monday, November 21, 2011

a week in phone pics 2

We have 2 weeks here actually. Saturday I will start doing one at a time AND come up with some cute template for all these pictures so it doesnt take 10 years to scroll through.

OB appointment means candy for Ryan
new jawbone for ME
naked toddler in the snack cabinet, dont ask me how I have no idea.
ryan and then mommy (taken by ryan) at a very early morning starbucks date
waking up from a pretty epic nap (4 hours!)
getting baby boys room ready- super cute car seat cover I was given at my shower
testing out the bumbo seat, yes he still fits
at gymnastics practice and had to call 911 for one of my girls who thought it would be cool to NOT eat or drink anything then practice for 2 hours at 7 am then pass out and have a cardiac arrhythmia. she is okay!
hour long baths are going to be the death of me but he loves it, cold water and all
BIG 35 week belly

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