Monday, November 21, 2011

2 and a half

On November 19th by baby boy turned 2 and a half. He doesnt know he did, but it was a big milestone for me. When people ask how far apart my boys will be I say with a smile 2.5 years. Well that is now. Baby is coming soon and Ryan is now closer to being THREE than he is to 2. Time is flying by so quickly and I wish I could bottle this up and keep it forever. 

Its no lie that 18 months to a little after his second birthday were rough. Thank heavens I can finally join the ranks of mama's who LOVE having a toddler because, folks, I do. He is amazingly awesome. We rarely have to do time outs, he is talking and hanging out with me like a friend, and he is sleeping good (at the moment that is always subject to change)  He is always trying to be big like mommy and daddy. From cooking in the kitchen to unlocking the car to "doing his homework" and making me leave the bedroom. He is growing and happy and healthy and I LOVE it. We have so much fun together.

food: pb&j sandwiches, apples, bacon
song: old mcdonald 
tv show: sesame street
movie: alice in wonderland
to wear: super grover t shirt with underwear on his head
to read: moo baa lalala and red hat, blue hat
to play with: balls and puzzles
color: yellow
favorite parent: yia yia (I just asked him this as a joke!)
animal: hippo and "e i e i o" so anything on a farm

loves to
hold his taggy blanket
sleep in my bed
eat at restaurants- ikea, panera, olive garden, and ihop
go to the chiropractor for his "pops"
video chat with friends and family
be naked
take really long baths
use the garage door opener
feed the fish
take long naps??!! Its a miracle and I am not going to complain.
say his prayers
cuddle on the couch
help me cook
say the alphabet and count to ten

getting dressed 90% of the time
changing gears without warning and not finishing a task
eating all his food
getting out of the bath
pooping on the potty
sharing his toys at yia yia's house
going to nursery
having to ride in the "baby seat" with the buckle in the shopping cart

26 lbs
size 4 diapers
2T clothes
8 shoe

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