Sunday, October 2, 2011


Gone are the days where I have a mute for a child and I worry constantly about his ability to communicate in English. We never did speech therapy, against the pediatrician's orders, because I had this mommy feeling deep down in my gut that he was going to be fine and he needed to do it like everything else. On his terms, in his way, in his own time.

So now we are starting this new phase of life. One where he will not shut up for the life of me. He is quite funny too :) I am planning on opening a blog post at the beginning of each week called ryan-isms and then when he says something crazy I can just put it here and post it at the end of the week! It will be a great way to look back at the crazy things he says.

This week we've seen and heard lots. Some of this I will have to describe because he still signs a lot.

His favorite new phrases are "oh no" and my favorite "oh baby!" over everything

He grabbed the toy dr kit and lifted up my shirt and used the stethoscope on my belly to check on the baby. He told me the baby was big and happy then then he rubbed my tummy really hard as to give the baby a back rub.

Walking up the driveway to Yia Yia's house he said "mama up me no *lick lick* woof" meaning hold me I dont want the dogs to lick me when we walk in.

During lunch he ate half his sandwich (he calls it pop?) for Ryan and the other half for the baby in his belly, indicating between each bite who it was going to.

Me- ryan say ball
Ry- boll
Me- say go
Ry- go
Me- say good
Ry- HAPPY!        

Also starting tonight every time I say thank you he yells THANKS BABE!

Showing off his loot from the toy vending machine. All these balls for a buck, cant beat that. Stay tuned next week for more crazy toddler talk and join the fun if you want. Leave a comment with a funny thing you're child has said and I will feature it in next weeks post!

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