Wednesday, October 5, 2011

28 weeks

Offically into the third trimester and I again realize that I hate being pregnant. I love, love, love having babies so it is sort of a problem. Reasons I hate being pregnant include and are not limited to-
nausea (STILL!)
leg cramps
insomnia at night
back aches
constipation (dont pretend like it didnt happen to you!)
peeing every 30-45 minutes (I would get so much more done if this wasnt an issue)
swelling hands and feet
jiggly butt
belly button poking out like mt. everest
cant sleep on my back
heart burn
hair. lots of it. everywhere
cant reach my feet to put socks and shoes on
braxton hicks so bad I cant breathe
cant bend over to pick up ryan or unload the dishwasher
climbing in and out of the car is like an olympic sport
walking up stairs feels like running a marathon
prenatals make me barf
CRAZY dreams
my babies getting stuck in breech positions
baby trying to claw his way out of my body, his moving around is SO painful, not sweet and cute
boobs a little further south than before.
the smells.... oh the awful smells of everything.
crying over everything

This is a pretty accurate depiction of how I felt all day. Good bye second trimester, you were okay. I hate you third tri but one step closer to holding my other boy in my arms. 11 weeks. Hells yes.

And crazy me I will most likely do this again in a few years.... oh dear.

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