Saturday, October 1, 2011

how you know your kid isnt little anymore

He graduated from the cute beginning walker shoe table to the big, running, kicking, climbing, BIG boy shoe table at Nordstrom.

We went to see daddy at work and decided to head upstairs to the little kids shoes to get a balloon and get Ryans feet measured. I try to do it every 4 months or so because it seems he grows out of his shoes that fast. Sure enough a size 7 to almost an 8.5!

I rushed over to the usual table of cute little toddler boy shoes and said I want to try these ones. The cool hip sales guy said "umm he is over HERE now" The options werent as cute but he told me to trust him.

I knew I would either love these or hate them. After a few minutes of walking around we were both in love and went home with them and 2 balloons :) 

One more reason my baby is a BIG KID! 

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