Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I dont allow spongebob

Earlier today a debate on Spongebob came up on my facebook feed came up and I figured this was an appropriate place to share my views. In no way am I trying to convince people to swing this way this is my blog and I will talk about what I want. If you dont like it or are offended then click that little red X up in the corner and walk away :)  Thank you!

The other day we were skimming through Netflix with Ryan and he started flipping out asking and pointing at the TV yelling BOB BOB! Hubs and I had no clue what he was talking about til I put the puzzle pieces together in horror. Spongebob. My sweet, innocent, pure minded little boy has caught the spongebob square pants fever and I am NOT okay with it. We dont allow it in our house and hes not allowed to watch it anywhere else so I am really frustrated that somehow he knows this little yellow dude by name and even came over while I started typing this and said "me bob bob mom!" I feel like I cant let him out of the house now. I am supposed to have control over what he is exposed to for a few more years, I am relishing in his innocence and what baby-ness is still left. 

I had a few people pipe up with why spongebob? My kids watch it and love it! Ryan loves candy and could eat it all day long that doesnt mean its good for him and I will let it fly. Thats great for you guys, as parents we get to decide what we will expose our kids to and what we chose not. Its my parental right to ban certain things from my home. Things I also ban include any sort of toy gun or anything weapon related among other things. We have firearms in our home locked away safe and in my mind they are not things to be confused with toys. Just like spongebob is not age appropriate for babies and toddlers. Dont believe me... read this lovely gem I was sent today by one of my favorite rock star mama's. 

Reasons I hate bob bob include and are not limited too crass humor, potty and fart jokes, bad attitude, and over all negativity. There is only a little part of me that doesnt like it because its annoying. Hells bells, have you watched Gabba lately? People tend to group them into one category of "I let my kids watch this or I dont" but for me they are different. No one ever belches or hits each other or yells NO in defiance on gabba. Sure they are silly and somewhat irritating but the episodes are kind and educational. Now if you dont want your children watching it more power to ya I dont care. 

I dont think its age appropriate for children and extremely inappropriate for babies and toddlers. Lets let our kids stay little, be silly, be kind, enjoy simple things in life. They have a lifetime of burping and and farting and other crap to deal with. We personally deal with pooping and farting enough already in this house and if his beloved bob bob can do it in squidworths face then why would it not be okay for him to do it in mine? There are so many other things to watch on TV that are happy, uplifting and encouraging why not fill their time with those shows if they are going to watch TV in the first place. 

All of the other things I want to say on the subject I wont, be happy about that. I am one fire up mama at the moment. 

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