Thursday, June 16, 2011

what color jelly bean

 So far the polls have been neck and neck on baby number 2 being a boy or a girl! I am excited to say we have an ultrasound appointment on July 11th to find out. I still have my guess but my doubts are getting the best of me. Will I be as spot on as I was with Ryan?

Whats it going to be? Blue or Pink?

We are celebrating week 12 this week. I wont do another belly shot for a while as nothing seems to be changing that much at the moment! One big accomplishment was I made dinner by my self for the first time since week 6. Sad, my poor poor family. Luckily we have been dining out or with family. Hubs is also a rockin good chef when he's home. I made comfort food- pasta with alfredo sauce and garlic bread. Then I started getting sick looking at it and to make matters worse I couldnt find my Zofran for the life of me. We will see if I can actually enjoy it later. Bummer yo. 

Ryan would like to tell you all he can now count to three. Great new for him, bad news for me. Instead of relying on the "just one more" comment he pushes it to 2 then 3 with everything. But I cant always deny him those little fingers are super cute.

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Etosia (e-tasha) said...

my bets are on a boy! I hope you feel better and get to eat your pasta it sounds delicious!

Meagan said...

Ryan is so cute!!!

Brinley is so funny with counting too. Whenever I'm like, lets count together. She goes "twoooo" for some reason, she LOVES saying two. And She says other weird words I can't understand for the others, but elevates her voice like I do when I count to 3. hahaha kids are so funny!!! This age is the best.

the mom diggity said...

I bet the counting is so precious!!! Jessi is trying to count to 3, but she says "two two two". Cracks me up how they figure those things out!

Can't wait to see what color!!!! Only a few weeks!!

Courtney K. said...

I'm going with blue. Thinking it's going to be another little boy for you guys. :) But what do I know? Noah counts, too. But he usually goes "one, two, eight..." Not sure where that came from. :)

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