Saturday, June 18, 2011

bipolar weather makes us crazy

Yesterday we were in bathing suits at the pool. I have the sunburned belly to prove it! Today I want to eat comfort food curled up in blankets on the couch and its almost required that you wear rain boots and take an umbrella when you go outside. I hate this PNW weather with a passion. I am so ready to be out of here- maybe someday.

Ryan was so goofy today. He has been shunning "aunt" B for the last 8 months, ever since the hospital incident but all the sudden he is in love with her again. Yesterday I told him that Becca was coming over in the morning to play with him while I was at a photo shoot and he had been waiting patiently ever since. When it was time for nap he just sobbed and sobbed for "beh" and then woke up shouting her name after his nap. I am chopped liver.

We went to see daddy at work and stopped in Nordstrom to pick up his Fathers day gift, apparently shoes at Nordstrom = balloons. We walked away with a navy blue one.

In the car on the way home we were learning some new signs- apple and work (daddy has to go back to work) and then we started talking about the baby. Sometimes we ask him if its a girl or a boy just to see if he picks one and sticks to it. Today he told me that it was just candy in my belly and not a baby anymore. He thought himselfs was SO funny he died laughing.

His made up sign for Gabba is waving his arms in the air like a crazy man, impersonation Brobee I'm sure. Its the best.

Hopefully the sun will come out again tomorrow!
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The Huskinson's said...

Whenever we go to the mall, I have to go to Nordy's to get Miss Addie a balloon. She knows as soon as we walk in there that she'll get one and she starts yelling, "BOo-BoO!" Maybe that means I have spent too much time at Nordstroms lately.

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