Saturday, June 18, 2011

so you think you can dance

2 blog posts in one day? Why yes thank you. Only because my night got considerably sweeter after I wrote the first one I just had to share. Normally monkey is whiny, needy, and clingy. True story someone actually googled "why is my child so clingy" and found this blog. No joke. I am okay with it most days. Everyone comes with their own personality and I am so glad he is not the opposite and hates being cuddled and touched. Today was a good day for Ryan. He wasnt too clingy, a bit independent I would even suggest. However he still wanted to be loved and hugged for a minute here and there, but by the end of today I wasnt worn out from him hanging on me so we took some extra time to just chill and hang out like hes a big kid or something.

He politely asked to fall asleep in my bed which I am all for, then he asked me to cuddle with him. we spooned for a while, then he would roll over and eskimo kiss me. To die for, he was so sweet. When I tried to put him in his own bed he pleaded with me to wait til daddy came home and I made him promise me that he wouldnt be mad when I ate my own food and watched my own tv shows. This is mommy time after all.

I had some So You Think You Can Dance episodes to catch up on and that was NO problem for my little man. I think that show just kicked the pants off of gabba and all three toy stories. He just laid on the couch with me while we shared some pizza (I did cave a little) and judged each dancer. Some he approved of and some he did NOT. I even had to replay a few routines cause he was not ready for them to be over with. He danced along with all of them, I will record it tomorrow.

He belongs right there next to Mary and Nigel. Its pretty much his dream job right now and he is rockin' at it.

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Penny Hughes, Personal Publishing Consultant said...

Too Fun! He likes AFV also - put that on for him, he was laughing so hard watching it with me.

Mandy said...

Ooooh our sweet, clingy boys. I guess we should be flattered they are so clingy, right?? :) And I LOVE SYTYCD!! My fave show!

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