Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!


Next Thursday will be two years to the day that you finally fulfilled your biggest calling in life....becoming a mother. It has been a long, hard two years with so many sacrifices and trials. You've been through a lot as a mother and have held strong through all of it. Remember how you felt the morning Ryan was born knowing your life would forever change? When Ryan was born you were so excited to finally meet him, I think it was the happiest day of your life. Being a mother is so natural to you; it's crazy how easy and effortless you make it seem. You always put him first and have sacrificed so many things for him over the last two years. There have been countless sleepless nights, nasty diapers, sickness, colic & reflux, vomit, toys strewn about the whole house, screaming temper tantrums, hitting & kicking, toddler mischief, days of watching Toy Story 5 times in a row, and so many other trials. You bear it all so happily and with a smile on your face. The future holds so many incredible things for you as a mother as you raise Ryan and those yet to come...

We are grateful to have the most amazing mother ever, you have been the biggest blessing for Ryan and I. You are his "best bud" and he loves you so much.

Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice as a mother, nothing ever goes unnoticed. We couldn't ask for a better mommy.

We Love You,

Ryan and Bradley


Lindy Leigh said...

Awwwwe! That was so sweeeeeeeet!

Happy Mother's Day Lauren!

Andrea said...

Seriously.. brad you just made all the hubbies out there look bad.. lol.. Kidding.. you did give Lauren a wonderful blog post for sure!! LOVEd It! Really this was the sweetest blog that I have read, truly heartfelt and the pictures were perfect! Love the First belly pic with your auburn hair.. Miss you! Happy Mother's Day!!XO
When do we get to see you again....:(
xo andrea

AmyLee said...

ahh this was so sweet! and i LOVE you with red hair in that first pic! HOT.

Chaotic Momentum said...

Have to agree on the red hair, gorgeous Momma!

You, no doubt, have some incredibly beautiful pics of your family. I'm always impressed whenever I stop by me and mine. And what an adorable husband and father, some memories to treasure for sure.


Heather M said...

I LOVE this!! Awesome!!! I really really want to play in he rain with my lil man now!!!!

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