Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers day visit

We went to my parents for Mothers Day weekend. Ryan played hard and I tried to rest as much as possible before heading back to real life! It was lovely. 

 big boy learned how to jump
 aunt hannah

 he liked kissing hannah more I guess

 best back yard ever!

 mimi and papi

hope every woman out there had a great mothers day! you dont have to carry a child in your womb to celebrate this wonderful day. If you have ever held a child's hand, given them a high five, read them a book or anything you are a mother figure to me! 
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Meagan said...

Cute post!!! I feel the same way about Mother's Day. I have heard from a few women over the years about how the H-A-T-E with a passion Mother's Day. They feel like they are being praised for being this ideal mother figure but they feel inadequate. Um, we ALL do but we aren't celebrating the mom's we WISH we had and all the motherly things we WISH or HOPED they did growing up, we are celebrating THEM entirely for the great women that they are. So, to those women that hate Mother's Day, I feel SORRY for you because you should never feel bad about not being the perfect mother. Do your best! That's all we're asking. Geeeeez.


Sorry about that rant!! I just read a blog post about how much this lady hated Mother's Day and I wanted to go off on her SOOO bad but I didn't.

Danielle said...

The B&W picture of you is stunning!! Beautiful!!!!

The little note from your husband is absolutely adorable and so sweet. Tyson was crushed because he had plans to write a nice letter and didn't get around to it. I understood and that was no big deal, but the day just didn't feel special at all. It was the same as every other day and I felt like something should have made it stand out above the rest. Something. ANYTHING! Anyway, like I said, I'm over it- -but I do hope that next year Mother's day is more enjoyable and special.

I agree with Brad- -you make motherhood make so breezy and enjoyable. Hats off and admiration to you. Love your blog =0)

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