Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Ryan, 2nd birthday

Dear Ryan,

I noticed today that I don't call you Monkey much these days. I wonder if thats a sign I am letting you go as my baby and embracing the big boy you are now. Today is your second birthday and I cant believe its been that long since I first held you in my arms. I am so incredibly proud of all you've done this last year. You have gone through so many changes and are such a wonderful little boy. Since your last birthday you started walking, embraced soy milk, eating with a fork and spoon, drinking out of a cup without spilling, learned to jump, started coloring, stay on a big kid swing, went potty on the toilet tons of times, started sleeping in a big boy bed, and so much more.

You learned tons of signs this year and started saying a few more words. Combined your vocab count comes to around 60 words! I am excited to see you start putting sentences together so we can understand you more.
(showing your muscles)

In October you started going to the nursery at church, it took a bit of convincing and the right girls to make you happy in there and now you love it every week and dont want to leave. Daddy and I love to see the pictures you color and hear about the things you were taught each week. You have become so reverent and we can see already your respect for the Lord and your faith in His plan. Some of my favorite times of the day are when you remind me that we need to bless the food before we eat or we all kneel to pray before bed. You now know enough signs to say a prayer by yourself. You can also help mommy sign some of your favorite hymns.

Another fun thing is that you have learned how to open doors! That combined with you being in a big boy bed makes for lots of sleepovers in Mommy and Daddys room. We love it because we miss when we co slept with you as an infant. You still have a hard time sleeping and I see our napping days slowly slipping away! Sadly, you still get up a few times each night. I have just embraced that, that is the way its going to be.

Your personality is starting to shine through more and more each day. You are so aware of everything around you- people, sounds, sights, and smells. Nothing ever goes unnoticed to you! You have amazing energy, you will go and go all day til we force you to go sleep. I chuckle when I see other kids fall asleep on the floor or in their high chair- that would never happen in our house, ever. You are so interested in HOW things work. You will take things apart and examine them til you figure it out. You can turn on the tv and find what movie you want to watch, unlock my cell phone and call daddy, and unlock the car with a key. Your intelligence is outstanding! I wish I could count all of the crazy smart things we see you do, it still catches us off guard sometimes. At the same time you are possibly the most stubborn, strong willed person I have ever met! You dont take no for an answer and you can never be distracted from what you want. It makes for some interesting power struggles between us but I love you all the same.  You are also so caring and kind. You love to hold babies and give your friends hugs, you share your toys and snacks with everyone and always wave hi to grownups. You are happy when we are happy and sad when we are sad. You are so intuitive all the time.

And now you are going to be a big brother. I have always known you would be amazing at the job. I can see you being so strong for your siblings and being such a good example for them as you all grow up. When I told you we were having another baby you jumped into my arms with the biggest smile on your face and I knew you were so happy to finally have this baby finally join our family. You see, you have been telling Daddy and I that it was time for another baby for a while now. You have already told us the gender so I am interested to find out if you are right! I cant wait to see you hold your baby and give them kisses. But as for now I am looking forward to the next 7 months with just you and me little dude.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much, we are so happy that you are ours forever! Happy Birthday Ryan Douglas.

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Shawntae said...

Perfect post for a perfect boy. He's doing soo many things and is getting sooo big. I love that Rr shirt and his little fauxhawk! He's such a stud Lauren. You are soo blessed.

We love you Ryan! Happy Burfday

♥ Shawntae and King

Courtney K. said...

Sounds like he has grown by leaps and bounds this year! How exciting! :) I am so excited for him, and for you guys, as you add to your family. Happy, Happy Birthday Ryan!! Hope it's a great one!

Toni said...

Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog, and I am not in tears! Such a cute post, and the post below this one... sigh... its too much for me! (sorry i am a new mommy and so newly emotional!) Cute blog! Have a great day!

Chaotic Momentum said...

I must have missed the preggers post, cuz I didn't know you were expecting!


And how special to have your own birthday so close to Ryan's- Happy Birthday to both of you!

Heather M said...

I hope that you guys had an AWESOME Birthday day!!! The things you say about Ryan , remind me sooo much of Landon, I think I might have a little Ryan, No naps long night ending up in mom and dads bed and the independence! Ryan is sooo Handsome, Im sooooo excited for you and your liltte family!!!

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