Monday, April 18, 2011

something sweet

I was feeling a tad blue this morning and decide to drag my sorry behind out of the house to run an errand with hubs and little dude before he had to go to work. I came home to a lovely little something on my door step from a girl friend of mine. Miss A, I love you dearly thank you for helping me kick off my afternoon with a smile, and a sugar fix ;)
little man enjoyed some too
Since it was sunny we decided to move out to the patio. We will most likely spend our days out here from now til September.

this boy blows bubbles like its his high paying job

Its terrifying. she can fit through the railings, thinks she can fly, and fast enough to catch birds.
I caught up on some reading.

I am so grateful for A. for looking out for me and really brightening my day. Ryan and I had the best, most relaxing afternoon doing all things SPRING. We listened to the Priscilla Ahn playlist on my Pandora, played with chalk, and bubbles, ate popsicles, and threw the ball for our doggie. We finished the day with popcorn and Toy Story.

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Andrea said...

I need to look at blogs more often... this was a sweet one, I am glad he loved the drink too.. I love his LOVE Stinks shirt! too cute.. I am on that boat right about now... lol.. xo

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