Friday, April 15, 2011

SAHM for those that arent aware of the acronym. I love it, totally and completely love it. Sure there's the whole not missing out on a second of his life aspect of it but the best parts sometimes are that we can stay in our sweats all day, eat on the couch, watch tv together, and take random trips to target whenever we so wish. I dont have to do my hair and make up everyday and try to put together a slammin outfit because no one cares what I look like as I walk up and down the hall way.
*disclaimer- I am a big advocate of not losing myself in mommyhood. I still wear dresses and get dolled up for no reason other than to feel like a girl, I am no a lazy bum... everyday ;)

The other great part about being a sahm is that after the sickies have done their deed and we are feeling better I get in this lets have a tickle fight and jump on the bed kind of mood. I know the icky parts of it all are behind us for a little while and its time to celebrate. In whatever fashion we choose.
yesterday that mean underwear over a onesie.
air plane rides

Putting on makeup. These will for blackmail purposes later.

Being a sahm allowed me to be there for these moments. I am so grateful! 

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Mandy said...

Being a SAHM is the best!! We are so blessed. And Ryan is so lucky to have you all to himself 24/7! :)

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

I love being a SAHM and getting to be there for everything it truly is a blessing in today's world to be able to do so! Ryan is too cute in his big boy undies and make up!!! Defiantly future blackmail material!!!

Sharde said...

thats so adorable! i hope i will be able to be a SAHM

Andrea said...

Cute post.. I am a little different, though I totally love being a SAHM, I love my freedom as well. I love LOVE my boys, don't get me wrong, but.. man.. Working outside the home, is a drop in the bucket compared to the work we as mom's do inside the home.. It's like I think on one of your posts,
We are Nurses,Cooks,Taxi driver,Accountants, Ref's,Friends, shoppers,apt schedulers, the list is endless.. I love each part of this, though.. I can truly see the white light of the Hospital lights in the Near future..( being a nurse.. lol..) planning this out, so I can still be at home until they are in school is such a blessing though, I totally Agree..

-- Maybe I am a little different with my SPecial K. Man.. there are times, when all I can do is just put him on his bus and just collapse in exhaustion.

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