Saturday, April 23, 2011

at 3 am

For anyone who truly knows me, the me I try desperately to hide, you know I am a bit... how do I put this, uptight? Hubs calls it "particular" so naturally there are somethings about being a parent that can just drive me bonkers. Lack of sit down meals, messes, getting off schedule... The Lord knows my weaknesses and sending Ryan to me was a way of teaching me how to get over them, for that I am grateful though sometimes I think I have been given lessons I would rather not learn. However being a parent, things dont always go as planned. Kids get sick, vacations throw them off schedule, sometimes all they want to do is eat popcorn on the couch and watch Toy Story all day.

at the farmers market today, love his shades!

Sometimes they figure out that they can get out of their toddler bed, open the door and run into mommy's room at 3 am. Every night, without fail. Sometimes this can drive mommy up the flipping wall. The books say dont let this happen, the experts say to stick to a plan and never waiver. Well thank goodness for the lessons I have learned and sometimes I just say to heck with it all. Thats when the BEST cuddles in the whole world happen. At 3:15 am with a boy holding 2 "tag" blankets, a sippy cup, and a some sort of little people toy. I have actually enjoyed waking up a bit and having a short tickle fight with him and telling him how flipping awesome he is before we drift back to sleep with his soft baby cheek pressed against my forehead and our breaths falling into the same slow pattern.

I am also thankful that around 7 he is sick of cuddling with me and wants to go back to his bed for a few hours :)

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Andrea said...

TOTALLY!! that is why I love ya.. I have always been the type to be on a schedule, not liking messy things, and sitting down to eat, FHE.. the list goes on and on.. and now.. NOW.. I am BLESSED with my Sweet spirit Kaid, and Karson, and love to be slapped in the face with humility.. lol.. I seriously, Feel like when kid's OCD moments just make me GO over the top with frustration, I know that If it were not for Kaid, I would most likely have the paitents that I do..( sometimes I feel I lack..) But I see you with Ryan, and see such strength, you are given such a sweet little boy:) HF, loved to teach us though examples huh.. I want to say I have Learned this one.. but I am Fearful if I do.. then more will come my way.. lol.. Love ya, and your 3AM POSTS ) Do you have your camera with you at all times? I am realizing these car shots.. and really need to get with this program.. I am still waiting for the instant hold a button, when kids are in car, then " Flash" instant weird.. I know.. BUt I want Pandora in my car too.. and I don't see that happening anytime..

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