Thursday, November 18, 2010

when it rains

It pours get an umbrella. I feel like everything is so bad lately so I am going to sit down here with this mug full of perfectly hot apple cider and whine about it for a while. I am planning on letting my music play loud, sink in and begin to heal my soul.

Today was one of those days, where you wake up with a sore neck, trip over a load of laundry, and it all goes down hill from there. Monkey has been so needy lately. I wish it was the cute needy where he just wants to cuddle and give me kisses all day. Dream on. This is the needy where he wont stop crying and begging for things he is never aloud into. And if one more person tells me just dont give in or tell him to stop I will throw a shoe at them, you have never seen how persistent he can be its scary. For example he wants me to hold him, counter level, so he can push all the buttons on the microwave. He also wants me to walk around to all the doors in the house so he can fiddle with the handle. Get over it kid, Mama's got things to do.

Like make 150 slices of corn bread for a church dinner this evening. In my teeny tiny kitchen this was no easy task. I started Wednesday afternoon and baked all the way til bedtime. I just happened to run out of pans and thank goodness for Bec, she went and got me 4 more.

I didnt get it all done in time with Monkey freaking out in royal fashion, hubs trying to fix 2 cars before work with the flu, and running out of oven space. So I missed work. Its only the second week and I was flaking already. I felt horrible but I was too big of a mess to even show my face. It turned out to be an ok thing because I would have had to wake up my sleeping monster babe early from his nap to take the corn bread to the church, get him settled and the new babysitters house, and get to practice on time.

After a tearful phone call to my mommy she suggested I bundle up and head outside! It only lasted 15 minutes but the crisp air and sound of rain was refreshing.

Dont be fooled, he is cute but he is a crazy man. Right after we came in, got changed into dry clothes I figured it was time for some warm cider (I am totally addicted right now) Ryan ended up dumping my mug full of HOT cider all over the floor, couch, side table, and himself. Change of clothes #3 for the day. Change #4 came when he decided to throw chili all over me and the wall during dinner. It was an awesome day let me tell ya.

After writing this out it doesnt seem that bad. However I failed to mention that my pseudotumor cerebri is back in full swing which means I will once again get poked and prodded at the doctors office multiple times a week til they figure it out. Then add the stress of us quickly outgrowing out tiny apartment, (not pregnant we just have a lot of stuff) trying to be a working mom with unreliable childcare, always the need for more $$, and with all that going on of course it affects hubs and I in the worst sort of way.

I feel like I am drowning in all this rain. Maybe I need a boat instead of an umbrella.


Jency and Joey said...

Love you.. and hey, at least you got some super duper cute pictures outta the day ;) Love the booties one and I totally think you should use the one where he's sharing his cup for like your header or something... ADORABLE

Ryan and Meagan said...

I love my rainboots. If only it rained here...anyways.

Hang in there. I am definitely not a super positive person when everything seems to be going wrong, but this is the time to see all the positive stuff. Cheesy as it sounds, count those blessings girl. Remember that it is AFTER the trial of your faith that blessings come. Hang in there.

I'm always here for a listening ear.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Why does it always seem like all the crap hits the fan at once??? I hope things are a little less insane (and loud and noisy and annoying) soon!

And those rain boots? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo cute!!!

Mandy said...

Oh man. I know all too well how these days are! With Bennett being mobile now, he is all over the place - getting into trouble and throwing fits like no other. His favorite thing to do now is swat his food out of my hands, therefore leaving me to clean his entire meal off the ground. Fun stuff. Ugh. Well, you and I both know that will all of these challenges, we're promised blessings. Hang in there sweetie!! :-)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Lauren, we are right next door, you can always stop by! I will probably be in my pjs, and no shower but we always enjoy company!! The girls would love to have Ryan over to play anytime!!

Kayli Sue said...

Wow that sounds like the worst day ever. It totally stinks that we have to experience the bad to really appreciate the good. Sometimes it would be nice to have it all be good. I hope things get better fast.

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