Wednesday, October 6, 2010

silver platter?

Jackie, I have your dvd's put can you just mail me your abs. 
I like getting up at 9am instead of early to work out.
 Even though your program is 20 min legs, 20 min, arms, 20 min abs.

I would like you to just give them to me without any work on my part. That would be great, 
mmmk thanks!


Christa said...

Following from the Hedgehog tribe. If she gives those abs, butt legs etc to you she has to give it to me too otherwise NO DEAL!

J and A said...

I she sends you her abs, please share! :)

Anonymous said...

Another visitor from the Hedgehogs...and ummm...what's good for one tribe member is good for ALL tribe members. In other words...I want them too!

melissa d. said...

i love it, 'can you just mail me your abs.'

hilarious! good luck with your work out, i did jillian michaels-she is the devil.

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