Wednesday, October 6, 2010

utah in pictures

I never finished posting about our little escapade to Idaho/Utah! All straight out of the camera, in all that raw glory (so sorry) 
happy to be out of the car
 shopping, I bought that skirt :)

smokin hot hubs 
eating at cafe rio! (twice) 
the pool was too cold so the boys played in the tubby 
 it had jets
 dinner at Happy Sumo
I wore the skirt that night, I love it 
 Lots and lots of luggage for 3 people
 slc temple
silly face 
we are a forever family! 
 taking tag everywhere we go
 meeting up with best friends
enjoying a rest stop 
 love this boy oh so much
 just mommy and me
shopping at the gateway = heaven
a boy and his dad
playing in the fountain.

ok did you make it to the end? phew that was a lot.
thanks a bunch!


Sydney said...

Ohmygosh. These pictures are to die for. What kind of camera do you use? The ones of your hub and babe in the bath KILL me. Oh I seriously can't wait for moments like that. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun lookig trip! Those boots are amazing. Love them.
Found you through our new tribe.

Nick and Jill said...

I love, love your clothes. You are so dang cute. WHere did you get that dress you wore to the SLC temple

Shawntae said...

cooot pictures!!

The only thing missing is me and baby king. Next time for sure my love.

I might just be planning a trip out there so I can see you and all the other blog mamas that live in Washington/oregon!!

jill said...

shawntae-what the what!?! GET YOURS AND KINGSTONS BUTTS OVER HERE!!!

ok, so i was really going to comment that it looks like you had such a great trip! and the pictures are all so cute. i love that one of ryan trying to take a drink of your tea or whatever it is!

so you must live in washington then? like around the seattle area? i love finding other local mommy bloggers!!!

Lauren said...

Sydney- Canon rebel XTI! I love it forever and ever no matter what. hurry and make babies so you too can have cute tubby pictures they would be to die for with your guys's gene pool :)

Jill S.- Thanks a million, love you! Dress is from Shade! Got it super cheap because they are going out of business ;)

Shawntae- it makes me so sad that we didnt get to play so that means you BETTER get you butt out here asap then we can all hang out CORBINS MOMMY included.

Jill- Yup I am local! There is a whole group of you guys around here that all follow each others blogs with babes the same age, pretty much I am inviting myself into that circle cause you are all so awesome/adorable and I like you.

Annie D said...

So cute!! I love the pic in the tubby (by the way, that's what we call it too!)

Found you by way of SITS~

Lindsay Blogs said...

That picture of the family in front of SLC temple is absolutely beautiful! Perfect for framing! And long were you there to need all that luggage!? It MUST have been at LEAST a month, right?

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