Thursday, September 16, 2010

we need one of those sucker things

We decided to celebrate the 1 year (ok 13 months cause I put it off) anniversary of Ryan getting his first teeth by going to the dentist! Yes, you are doing the math correctly, our little monster got his first 2 teeth at 3 months old and yeah it was weird looking.

We have heard of Adventure Dental from a few friends and checked out the website. This place looked awesome and we knew we belonged. I knew with him being so little that a pediatric dentist was what we needed. I called and made the first appointment fighting back a few tears. The thought of my sweet itty bitty who used to fit in my belly was ready to go to the dentist... ahh it was a bitter sweet moment. Its just another reminder that he is a full blown toddler and not even close to being a "baby" and after toddler comes being a KID. ok I cant think that far ahead lets focus on the task at hand.

Shortly after we got a packet in the mail with this super cute welcome letter, a stick on tattoo, and a "facts about me" sheet. Ryan got to tell him that Auntie Becca makes him laugh the most, Gabba Gabba is his favorite show, his favorite food is hot dogs and olives.. all sorts of fun things.
oops a little blurry sorry!

Nicole was our dental Hygienist and we love her oh so much. She played with monkey and let him squirt the water into a cup and suck it out with the straw, he LOVES the suckie straw. He probably sucked up a gallon of water while we were there. He got to see the little mirror and play with tooth brushes as long as he wanted.

Then it was time to get down to business. He wasnt too keen on laying on the chair so I got to hold him on my lap, it took about a min and some funny/grunting faces from all 3 of us but he was all sparkley clean!

We got to meet Dr Todd and he was super cool too. He also checked out those chompers and then we got to pick out some toys. We are excited to go back in December for the Christmas party which includes cookies, presents, and Santa Clause. Everything not related to teeth cleaning. Then we get to come back in March for another cleaning. He probably wont remember coming at all but I was glad that he left so happy.

Did I mention the waiting room?? Huge TV playing monsters inc. toddler toys, and 4 little tv screens with video games for the big kids (or their parents) Ryan had a tv screen playing a movie on the ceiling but that didnt really phase him much this time. Maybe down the road..

If you are in the area I totally recommend this place!

Best picture from the day


Shawntae said...

That paper is awesome!! Oh man first time at the dentist is always soo hard on the little ones!!

They looked like they took good care of him. :)

I love that last picture it cracked me up haha maybe because this happens to me daily when I work

Stef said...

Oh, I hate dentist offices. Not fun! Ever! Poor guy. Poor Momma!

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