Thursday, September 30, 2010

the real you

I am watching Greys right now laughing and almost crying, dang I love this show why does it always give me just want I want and need (weird how those things are different sometimes) week after week.

I cant focus on this.

Ok I can now they are talking about paint swatches and whether to live in an easter basket or a bat cave.

Because this show is THAT good.

So over the last 24 hours my phone has exploded with emails, texts, blog/fb comments, and calls from all of you. I always knew I had good friends but WOW do I have have great friends. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your sweet words and uplifting spirits.

Its hard to talk about the icky stuff, the stuff that makes us look weak or imperfect. Sure we all say that "you can come to me for anything!" and I know my friends mean it but its still a total buzz kill when you call up your friend or show up at lunch sobbing your eyes out. We slap on some lip gloss and put gel in our 1 yr olds hair and look like we are so put together when we leave the house but rarely do we let others see the real us. I had a dear friend actually apologize for crying in front of me, and another hide the pain of a difficult relationship.. and for what? so we can go back in our homes, close the door and feel even more alone?

I came across this on blog frog this morning and it totally hit home. I was so nervous to write about my struggles lately and there are even ones I didnt mention but I knew it was the best way to cope, that was the reason for this blog. Its come so far since "today we went to the zoo" because today we actually went to the science museum and it was the bomb... whatever, you get my point.

Single Dad Laughing posted this good read and has had so many hits I wanted to share it with you. I hope that you, my dear friends know that you never have to be perfect for me and I will never try to be perfect for you.. I already am ;) Real is good, lets talk about the icky stuff, lets cry with each other, and help lift each other up. Thats why we all have friends in the first place right? Ok its also nice to have someone tell you your butt looks bad in those pants.

So thank you for letting me be real with you. Thank you for laughing and crying and sharing with me. Thanks for loving me anyway even though I can be a mess. I am going so much better today, like I said we went to the science museum and monkey was the happiest kid I have ever laid eyes on. See for yourself

Scratch that, blogger doesnt want me to upload any pictures. tomorrow..

til then, be real. Its beautiful.

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