Monday, September 27, 2010

be a stalker

my dear sweet crazed stalkers followers, I have tried to be polite and follow you back by clicking on your cute little picture to the right here... but some of you dont have links to your blog. now maybe I am just an idiot and thats a big possibility, but I cant figure it out.

so to all those people who's blogs I cant see, and those who I read fervently- I thank you. from the bottom of my heart you keep me going and give me strength when I need it the most. then there are the days where you make me pee my panties from laughing so hard at the crazy things you write about. or the times that I cry tears of joy for your victories. you have turned into some of my most cherished friends.

I would love to return the favor and comment on your blog and stalk follow you so would you kindly leave your address in my comment box and say something lovely about me, I have had a rough day :)



Kristen said...

So i have not been good about blogging....light a fire under me and help me get goin so i can be a blogging queen like you. I am so sorry that you are not feeling good and if you need me, you know where i As for making u feel better, have i told you before what an awesome mom and friend you are? I love hangin out with you and ryan. Your creativity amazes me and some of the projects you have done are really cool. Feelin better yet?? If not, maybe some brownies will help. I will make u some if it will. :-D

citymouse said...

Stopping by from SITS.

This is my biggest bloggy pet peeve! I have people who leave wonderful comments and I would really like to respond or visit their blogs but get so frustrated when I can't!

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