Monday, September 13, 2010

mommy moment monday/weekend wrap up. aka the big one

remember the little people we used to play with as kids? the good ones, the small choking hazard ones that were recalled by toys r us and everyone else in the country? well my mom just so happened to stock up on them right before that happened because we loved them. no we never choked on them, we played with them til we were 12. my awesome mommy, grandmother of the year, has been storing them for her grandchildren, moving them from house to house, state to state and I was so excited to pull them out this trip! ryan has had a blast with them and the best part is..
those guys have holes on the bottoms that are perfect for little kid fingers. ryan walked around for ever with his 2 friends.
thank you grandma :)
they also have a pretty sweet tubby. we have never hung out in here before we always use the aunties bathroom but there were far too many people in there this weekend, we had a house full. its a good thing we dont have a tubby like this at our house cause we would never get out and my back would always hurt from bending over to wash those cute bum cheeks. 
of course there was sidewalk chalk involved. 
love blue eyes
and rain boots
It was a big happy birthday to Nanny, my grandmother. we celebrated in style at Anthony's home port in Kirkland, Wa where they serve desserts like this

Grandma played dr with monkey, she is so fun and has the best toys

for your viewing pleasure.. my life in a nut shell.
also this..

this is the next day so healing is already underway. Ryan took a tumble yesterday when we stopped for a bite to eat in Olympia. Poor baby bit through his whole lip and it sprayed blood for 15 min. Of course onlookers in the restaurant and passer by's just ignored the blood bath but we were covered, my poor petunia pickle bottom strap might not come back. The worst was that I had to pin him down and hold his lip with a rag from my diaper bag- the one we use to clean off the chalk board. oh so clean. he kept wanting me to hold him and was rubbing the blood everywhere, we looked like a CSI crime scene. Then we got to drive 2 hours home with him screaming the whole way. We stopped at the ER once we got home to make sure he didn't need any stitches and everything was ok.
no stitched nessasary!
he looks like a cage fighter with his fat bruised lip
what a stud


Esther said...

oh dang! I think I would have wanted to pass out if Elliot had done that to his lip(yea nerves of steal) way to go Mama! Sounds like you guys had a blast! but now I need to go make some creme brulee...

Chelsea said...

I love that bath time picture....What a cutie! Thats too bad about his little lip :( Glad you didn't have to pin him down for stitches.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

AWW love all the pictures!! Looks like you had a great weekend!! Poor lip though! Don't you have family pictures this weekend!!

Penny said...

awwww....I miss my little man already. We had an awesome time this weekend. I think the reason his lip is so bad is that he had already started it (half way) when he bumped the piano bench earlier. And then, he has those BIG chomper front teeth....

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