Friday, September 24, 2010

in chronological order

2,000 miles
covering 4 states
traveling with
3 suit cases
4 bags of car entertainment
1 pack n play, 1 high chair, 2 tags
hours and hours of Yo Gabba Gabba
lots of caffeine 

So much to say about our trip!
should have taken one of these bad boys
rockstar in hand
the few for hours..

we need a bigger car next time
We drove which was a bad, bad idea. We needed to make it to Pocatello, then Rexburg, then everywhere in Utah. We decided to drug monkey into a coma so he would sleep through the whole drive and to help we left at 9pm. Around 4am we stopped at this lovely gem in Ontario because he was SO loopy that he just whined in the back seat with his eyes half open, rolling back in his head
Luckily we arrived in Pocatello to visit with the hubs family and celebrate with his sister's family when they blessed their itty bitty!
Then it was off to Rexburg where we saw our friends, Aaron & Hillary, my sister and my grandparents!

to be continued....

1 comment:

Shawntae said...

that shot of the temple is amazing!

The picture of Ryan and that little baby is soo cute.

*cough* I think its time for you to have another *cough*

He's be the cutest big brother

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