Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess I am doing the
to the hubs

I have been telling him to cut out the soda if he wants to loose weight and be healthy
"but its diet"
dude, still unhealthy.

then he emailed me this, with his tail between his legs.

ok dont get me wrong I have diet coke running through my veins. but this has nothing to do with my soda consumption does it..

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Penny said...

We teach by example -- look how INSISTANT Ryan gets when he see's a soda -- he goes nuts and wants it. At just a little over a year old, he's had a taste of it.

I say you both need to drop it and dont' let him continue to see you drink it.

Just one nosey Grandma's thoughts.

Jacob and Nicole said...

I LOVE that you posted this!!! You don't mind if I repost this video, do you? I've known that diet soda causes weight gain, and when people ask, I give a reasonable answer, but this is so much better!!

Sydney said...

I love it when I can do the 'told ya so' dance! haha! Awesome vid!

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