Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I didnt know I wanted to know that

this is me pregnant. obviously. Jen Herem took the picture she is amazing.

Tonight my point is when I looked like this there was so much I didnt know I needed to know about being a mom. I recently wrote a few things down in a card for a baby shower and realized I could go on but I ran out of room. I wish someone would have told me the truth. The stuff that mattered!
  • you are normal if you freak out thinking your baby isnt breathing because he/she slept longer than 15 minutes
  • deodorant, lotion, and a hair tie count as being put together for the day and its ok
  • fresh air is a miracle worker. go on lots of walks get sun and air on that baby and you. it lifts your mood and can cure colic (for a while anyway) 
  • baby proof your house for a toddler while you are pregnant that way you only have to do it once. make sure you lock that "fun" drawer
  • let the little things go- laundry, dishes, house cleaning
  • because when people offer to help they mean it so use them, just because you are exhausted doesnt mean we are.
  • get on a schedule. babies need structure to thrive and so do the mommies. 
  • i will back track- its ok to be sloppy sometimes but have a pretty day at least once a week. wear a skirt or curl your hair. its important to still feel like a woman even if you think of yourself as just a milking machine
  • crying it out SUCKS so much but its worth it after a few days. its ok to go in the other room and cry as well. 
  • but if you just are freaking out and cant do it go in and cuddle with baby, they will know how stressed you are and it wont work. try again another night
  • bed time routine bed time routine bed time routine
  • google is your best friend. google everything. learn as much as you can about everything even months before it will actually come into play! an educated mama is a good mama
  • its ok to put baby down in a safe place and walk away to take a breather or have a good cry yourself.
  • that brings me to my next point. you are normal if you cry, a little or a lot. for no reason or for many reasons
  • its normal to want to put them back in your belly sometimes. you wanted them out so bad but sometimes it would be nice to put them back for a min
  • you will be super germ-a-phobic in the beginning and you will loosen up over time
  • the best toys are "toys"
  • have sexy time with the hubs. he still thinks you are hott as ever
  • they go up a cup size, then up 1 more or 2, then down to a cup smaller than before
  • a yoga ball is better than a rocking chair
  • you dont really need a changing table
  • SWADDLE THAT BABY. dont let them tell you they dont like it, they are lying. 
  • Make sure you get a good hug every day
  • Be persistent with your child's health and their doctor. you are the only one who is looking out for that itty bitty- your dr sees him/her for 15 min you see them all day. you know when something isnt right
  • hence the google thing
  • follow your mommy intuition. you have been blessed with it so use it. 
  • poop comes in all sorts of colors and textures and that belly button maker thing smells funny
  • this is the best/hardest/coolest/most rewarding/tiring/sweetest thing you will ever do and you never want to go back
  • so take lots of pictures and write (or type) everything down
thanks to my awesome girl friends for their input! 


Shawntae said...


I should right all these down or get a big white board and stick all of these things on this!

Veronica Lee said...

AMEN! Totally agreed.

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

Esther said...

Sooo True! I LOVE it!:)

Chelsea said...

Thats a great compilation of advice!

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