Monday, July 12, 2010

Safety, hope, and lots of faith

We have a pool as most of you know. we go the pool everyday as most of you know too. My son also takes a bath everyday. That is a lot of time in the water and I am sure your kiddos and all the kiddos you know are the same way so please read and take notes!

About a week ago this link was posted all over fb.. everyone made it their status's (oops I didnt I am making up for it now) Being super wise and a mommy you would think I knew about this but I DID NOT.

"Drowning doesnt look like drowning"

Also a girl my siblings and I went to high school with is going through a horrible tragedy right now. Their sweet baby girl Preslee, who is just a few months older than Ryan, went missing and was found in the canal down stream from where she was staying, thanks to a loving Heavenly Father and the quick action from a man doing irrigation work she was rescued and given infant CPR. However she is still unresponsive and in critical condition at Primary Childrens Hospital in Utah. Friends and loved ones have set up a fund to help financially support the family during these times. We are all praying for more daily miracles like the ones that happened to the Staker family (who visited the Sullengers and gave hope)

Their family blog with daily updates on Preslee's condition 

Help support the family here

Please keep them in your prayers, read the article about what drowning really looks like, get CPR trained, and help out your community and keep a close eye on all the littles (and everyone else) swimming around you this summer. I am guilty of being so happy Ryan doesnt need me to hold him in the tubby that I will RUN out of the room to grab a towel or something, leaving him alone for seconds at a time, he has always been just fine but I will NEVER do that again, I promise you baby boy.

I am grateful for a gracious and loving Heavenly Father who is always near and for the faith we have that everything will be ok if we put our trust in Him.


The Hardy Things in Life said...

I read about this story this morning. Preslee and the family will be in our prayers! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Shawntae said...

That is so so sad. That little baby girl is the sweetest angel baby I ever did see. She is soo cute! I always wonder why thinks like this happen to children.

She has been in my thoughts all day!

Thanks for sharing Lauren

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