Saturday, July 10, 2010

belated friday confessional.. the bird edition

Inspired by Glamazon

I confess I have a fear of birds, or more accurately named Ornithophobia. 
Some of you probably already know that about me but you have no clue how far it goes. 

I have been scared of birds since before I could really talk. My aunt took me down to the water to feed ducks and geese and pretty sure one of them got too close, its where it all began. At least thats what we think happened I will probably never know exactly and its gotten worse as I got older. Which is odd, it should have gone away seeing as I know for the most part birds are harmless creatures. oh well. 
I am scared of all birds.. humming birds and sparrows to an ostrich. Chickens, roosters, and turkeys are the worst. I think they are so yucky looking I cant even watch them on TV.. which is lame cause one of Ryans favorite Einstein videos has them on it and I have to fast forward or close my eyes. There is a really cool pet store in the mall that I cant go in cause there is a 4 foot long (with tail) parrot in there that they let out of the cage. well even if it was in the cage it still creeps me out. 
Sometimes I have nightmares that they are chasing me or in the bottom of my bed. I will wake up screaming and sweating like a pig, brad just laughs and rolls over now. then I cant go back to sleep cause I am totally paranoid!!
Their feet and their beak are the worst part I feel like they are going to peck/claw my eyeballs out with those things.
One time I turned the page in my magazine and there was a huge ostrich face on the page and I screamed/cried.
I have never seen the movie Birds. People always ask me if thats why I have the fear but honest to goodness if I ever see that show I will have to be sedated and locked away in a padded room for the rest of forever. 
One time at BYU I couldnt leave my dorm to go to the cafeteria cause there was a swarm of seagulls outside on the lawn and in the sky and everywhere else. 
Then another time in Puerto Rico we were waiting for our ferry and there were pigeons all over. I was crying and having a panic attack so my sweet husband spent over an hour shooing them away for me. It was very cute of him. 
If there is a crow in the parking lot I will walk out of my to get to my car. 
My mom's neighbor has chickens and roosters so I cant go over there unless they put them away.

So yeah, its pretty embarrassing and ridiculous, Brad suggested hypnotism but then I might have to hold one and the thought of that makes my skin crawl. 

Dont laugh too hard! Now its your turn.. Grab the button and go for it  

Now its your turn.......


Kayli Sue said...

It seriously sounds like you have seen the movie birds! I worked with a friend who was also super scared of birds and for some reason sea gulls LOVED to hang out on our roof and in our parking lot. We also had a bird stuck in our vent system and she was on the floor crying she was so scared. At first I think it's funny but I'm that afraid of spiders. Even the little bitty one's, so I have no room to talk! Great confession! Love your blog!

Jency and Joey said...

Haha remember when we would watch The Notebook and you would fast forward through the best part of the movie because it had a ton of white swans or whatever they were floating all around? Haha!

Ben & Jen said...

You mean waiting for the ferry in PR wasn't one of your fave memories of the trip??? Lol. I will never forget my big tough brother shooing pigeons and seagulls away from the bathroom. I thought he was going to go in to make sure there weren't any in there too. (As I recall, that's what I was for... lol) One of these days I will tell you some of my fears so you can tease me too. I wouldn't mind.

mintifresh said...

Well, I promise I'll lock up my chickens if we ever met! Somehow Glamazon and I have a great relationship in spite of my bird ownership so it could totally work!

Glamazon said...

Aaaah, you are my soul sister! TOTALLY scared of birds. All that flapping and feathers, it just creeps me out. You post totally made my day!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Birds are not my issue. Flat tires are. I hate hearing the change of surface on my tires. It makes me think one is going flat.

I didn't like that movie called The Birds.

Stopping from Team Hedgehog.

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