Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday

A little thought for the week..

As moms, wives and caretakers, we are the center of the home. Have you noticed that when you're "off," the rest of the family doesn't seem to be quite as "on?" We certainly have. My husband has been known to say, "The baby is upset. Are you OK?" Nine times out of ten, he's absolutely right. Our children, our most precious assets, simply aren't happy if their moms aren't. To be our best with our kids, we need to be our best with ourselves, too.

 from- betterwaymoms

Today, to be the best with myself I am going to take a nap while Ry naps :) I have been staying up way too late. What are YOU going to do? I challenge you mamas to be the best with yourselves this week, then blog about your experience.

ooh its quiet in the next room... sweet dreams!

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