Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hello lover

Lets start by saying I AM NOT PREGNANT.

Ok now that's in the open and you are not dying in shock, I am obsessed with strollers. I probably should have saved this for Friday Confessional but its too good to wait. I have a travel system and a jogger and cant stand either one of them, sure I loved them when I first got them, 1 was cute and the other served a good purpose. But as my stroller eyes were opened I learned that there was much more than the 4 options target had to offer. We also have a lot of "foreigners" here that have AWESOME strollers they buy over seas. I know this because every time I see a stroller I love out in public I WILL stop and ask them all about it. The hubs even gets in on it every now and then and will point out people's sweet rides when we are at the mall or where ever. I love him. 
I used to obsess over selling all my strollers (I actually have 3 but I really like my umbrella one) and buying one of these *fancy* ones so I could be in the elite club of stroller divas. Then I realized that eventually we will be adding to our family of three.
Why not get a DOUBLE!!
So now I just check out people with multiple precious cargoes. I am sure I freak out those sweet little mommies and awesome daddies. I stare them down, peek around corners.. I look at the wheels, the cup holders, the visors (do they really go all the way down?) I pop my glasses on and try to make out the brand name in order to lessen the shock when I come running up to ask them what kind it is. You get my drift. 
I am sure there is some sort of support group for people like me.
Then today while minding my own business at costco... there it was, BAM right in front of me... 
the stroller of my dreams
sweet mommy had a toddler and an itty bitty which is what I would be doing down the road. Itty bitty was in her car seat which was hooked onto a bar on 1 side of the stroller and miss toddler was chilling on the other side. sweet mommy had cup holders and a huge pocket for her mommy things down below. it was a such a happy moment. I grabbed monkey and walked over to ask her the brand and style of her stroller and lucky for her I saw it on the visor first.
BumbleRide :) smile face not included
Thanks to my sweet phone I pulled it up in line and its the indie twin. it comes with..
rain cover. air pump. cup holder. head rest and shoulder pads. multiple use infant seat adapter bars.
  plus the color options are unbelievable! I love the blue and orange. Then I read more..
Launched as Bumbleride's first side-by-side stroller,
Indie Twin provides the best of both worlds by
accommodating both infants and older siblings.
With all the features and functionality of the Indie
single, Indie Twin's independent seating system
allows you to accommodate each individual child.
The backrests, canopies and footrests can all be
adjusted independently from one another, giving
your children a ride as custom as their personalities.
At 29 inches wide, Indie Twin glides through
doorways and its dual front swiveling wheels make
maneuvering a breeze.

this is totally made for me. asking price....
holy poooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Then I cried. literally. I will probably just walk around all day randomly sighing and saying things like "seriously!" 

We are now accepting donations.


Taylor Family said...

You crack me up! Holy Pooo is right. It is a lovely stroller but good heavens that's a mighty price tag. You just need to have an online baby store and get wholesale accounts with all the companies you love so you only have to pay wholesale price! ;)

Paul and Aliisa said...

I know all about the frustrations of strollers...I would love a double stroller that can do all that....half the price I would do, maybe. I won't feel bad selling Reina's since the carseat/all-around one was 100 and jogging 23. So maybe that gives me the right to go all out for the next one?

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