Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little piece of heaven

Chalk time with Daddy 

2 blog posts in 1 day... sure why not.

Tonight we were getting monkey ready for bed, Daddy was giving him a bath and I was cleaning up piles and piles of toys everywhere. When he got out of the tubby, daddy asked me if he could take a quick shower while I put him to bed.
My 1st thought was no way dude! I am sure it first came out sounding like I was lazy and didnt want to do it alone (reference my new generation post, I dont like doing it alone) but I realized WHY I didnt want him to disappear Ryan's last few minutes awake. We live such busy lives, 2 jobs, 3 church callings, endless laundry and dishes... not only that but we are so technologically connected in our home. 2 laptops both with wireless internet, 2 cell phones both with serious data packages, and a DVR that records 38 shows 
it was up in the 40's but I cleaned it off today
And with daddy's ever changing work schedule there can be days where he doesnt see Ryan or get to spend more than an hour with him. 
So when bedtime rolls around and we are both home we make it a point to leave the world behind and bury ourselves in our babe's nursery. No distractions, stress gets left at the door and it becomes just the three of us. Its a rare moment when we can sit and breathe in the warm smell of coconut butter baby lotion and cuddle with doggie blanket in the rocking chair (or criss cross applesauce style on the floor) we take turns reading good night gorilla and giving him hugs and kisses. We fold our arms, bow our heads and give thanks for the wonderful life we have been blessed with and for the health and strength of our little family. We all can pause for a minute and feel the spirit pouring in, filling our souls, and know that Ryan feels it too by the look of pure joy on his face and by the reverent way he sits on our laps.
We will then sing songs and tickle backs til he starts to drift, we lay him in his bed and lately he will just look up and smile, roll over, and go to sleep.
This is what heaven feels like.
I cant help but smile and almost bounce down the hallway feeling renewed, refreshed, and loved. It makes all those sleepless nights when he was little worth it, it makes the sad tears and the hard times when he is cranky and whinny seem like nothing. 
It makes me fall in love with my husband all over again and truly appreciate the amazing man he is and the amazing example he will be to his son as he grows. It reminds me of what really matters, our faith, our love, and our families. I am grateful those are forever.


Kayli Sue said...

I love this post!

Kandace Lewis said...

This is such a sweet post and it's so true.

S+S+S said...

for some reason this post made me cry. love you.

Nick and Jill said...

I love this post! It makes me realize how important those times together are. Thanks for posting!!

Nick and Jill said...

Okay i now I already posted a comment but i have to do it again. This post has really changed the way we do things in our house now. I had my husband read it and we both agree how important everyday family time is. It is so important for our little children to feel the spirit early. This is why I love reading blogs by such wonderful people. They inspire me. Thanks so , so much for writing this blog I read it everyday!

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