Friday, July 23, 2010

New generation.

I said something tonight to the hubs that sounds kind of mean but after explaining myself it is totally true... My generation of mothers are better at what we do than our mothers were!         ahhh the shock!

Maybe this is just me feeling pretty confident in my awesome parenting skills- I mean hello, have you seen my kid..

I say that because we have access to more- more doctors, more specialists, more knowledge, more help, more understanding. 

We know how to pretty much cure colic, sleep train babies at 12 weeks old, teach them to eat a variety of healthy flavorful foods, be a free spirit, and potty train in a day (as a book title promises) We can diagnose most illnesses thanks to countless books and google searches and then quickly find the best way to help them out! (like Ry's reflux)       
We also realize that we dont have to do it alone, it really does take a village (or just a great group of friends) to raise a child. I had a person that used to make me feel bad for wanting help with Ryan. But thats they way its supposed to be, just because a lot of our moms went it alone while the dad's were at work all day doesnt mean that we should!
There are so many things that have been invented for babies recently that make it easy for us to take care of them too! Bumbo seats, swaddle blankets, hi-tech baby swings, millions of pacies, DISPOSABLE DIAPERS, reclining high chairs, robeez, baby slings like the moby wrap or the ergo, hooter hiders, nipple shields, breast pumps, boppy pillows.. the list goes on!
We also know that babies like to be swaddled tight like a burrito, they need to be on a strict schedule to thrive, eating food before you have teeth is ok, bath time every night wont kill them, white noise is SUPER helpful in making them sleep better, and its ok to let them cry it out!... that list goes on too.

I feel so lucky to live in the age we do, to have networking at our fingertips! Its amazing that I can just type whatever problem or question I am having and can receive countless answers from awesome mommy friends. Or I can hop on any number of mommy blogs or websites and get help from thousands of mommies everywhere! Google has also saved me many many times. I wouldnt know how to be a mommy with out it. 

Our mothers must be super heroes because they raised us with out the help and the knowledge that I take for granted every day! My mom and I talk regularly how she would have killed to have these resources at her fingertips when she had babies (I was very difficult and it would have come in handy). Its incredible to me that they relied sometimes solely on instinct and we turned out pretty darn great. I am so grateful for my mommy and all the sacrifices she made for me and all the hard work going dr to dr and hours at the library trying to learn to be the best mommy she can be for her kids. 

I feel like I am not that strong and I would just die if I couldnt hop on my laptop every time Ryan did something weird. We are so blessed to raise our kids right now! I cant imagine the awesome stuff Ryan will have access to when he is a daddy :) if i ever let him grow up that is..


Lindy Leigh said...

My friend and I always talked about how there weren't infant car seats when we were raising our girls...not until my daughter was 2 did I buy one and it probably wouldn't have saved her scary!

Helping my daughter raise her twins is sooooo much easier with all of the new gadgets and products and internet :)

Kayli Sue said...

I was actually thinking that maybe there is a reason why to all of this. We have an easier time raising them but it's tougher too. Though getting them their basic needs is a piece of cake we have to make sure we raise them to be stronger than we were to face the challeges of today.

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