Sunday, January 20, 2013

ryan-isms vol 9

you are SO hot mommy! (referring to my temperature but it made me smile)

I have something very important to tell you, I live here now (at grandma's house, he has been on this kick for a week)

I widdy like my hodo bed

Why are you dressed like a princess mama?

SO tell me about your day.. no the other day, the one called Friday.

Go down that way, I am TOTALLY freaking out (in target) 

I am pumping! I am pumping chocolate milk for the sad babies so they won't be whinny.

(6am, he comes into our room bawling)
I can't find my rock! I found one in my dream last night. I was at panera, the one that is really far away  and there was a really big tower too, I found it for yia yia and then I lost it! I looked everywhere in my room! I am so sad!
(and then he cried for an hour) 

Lets do the spoons (spooning/cuddling in bed)

Why are you pointing your boobs at me? (I was changing, time to be done with that!) 

Who is that girl? You should get her number... (I was watching tutorials on the computer)

I used to play with toys when I was a baby, I am a big kid now so I dont need them anymore.. I just work on the computer and eat food instead. Weston can just have them.

My tummy is so huge, that means I am going to have a baby. I'm having a boy baby, because I am a boy. And he's coming out after Weston's birthday, but hes just coming on his own, not with the hospital.   (future home birth advocate!)

Is it going to be the GREEN holiday tomorrow? (st patty's day)

I don't want to watch the sexy zoo anymore (64 zoo lane)

(midnight, hear little feet running down the hall)  I need a towel, I just threw up in my bed and I need to clean it up. :( 

Are going to instadam that?      ps everyone go look up the #ryaninstadams for his adventures. 

Show me her picture on facebook (for everytime a babysitter comes over so he can see who it is) 

Who are you texting? 

I NEED to have stick hair and my daddy spray (cologne)

Oh that looks really good on you.. 

Okay West, you get to be the caboose!

That one over there looks like a dream, the others look like circles. I love pancakes.

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